What to expect from Remington R-3150 Flex 360

On one particular forum there were lots of people giving positive reviews about Remington R-3150 Flex 360 Corded Men’s Electric Rotary Shaver. This developed curiosity for the shaver and I decided to try out myself. Remington Electric shavers are not my favourite as experienced, but since it is very reasonably priced with lots of features to offer I went ahead and bought one. It could well serve my purpose while on travel too because of the small size.

Overall Impression

I must say I am impressed with the overall performance of the shaver especially for the price. This Remington razor cuts effortlessly and is light in weight. It gives a decent clean shave and I am not heavily beard. But I feel this is not the razor for people with tough beard. The shaver head is not fast enough and it may wear out soon for someone with rough beard.

Comfort and Performance

If you are someone with average or light beard you will find it to be a decent and reliable shaver. The shaver has three independent flexing heads that gives a thorough coverage and a close shave too. The 360 degree pivoting head is nicely done to take care of your facial contour, your chin, jawline and neck including Adam’s apple.

The blades are made of surgical steel claimed to stay sharp and flawless for many years. One thing for sure, there is no rash or irritation with this shaver which is common with cheap razor. The shaver is backed by a two year limited warranty.  I’d be happy even if it gives me good shaving experience for just one year for the price. If it gives two years or more, I can say the shaver is undervalued.

Bonus Features

You get a nice pop-up side trimmer for grooming your sideburns and facial hair. The pop-up trimmer is unexpected bonus for the given price. The shaver operates quietly unlike those cheap shavers with loud noise.

Cleaning and Maintenance

What is nice with the shaver is also that the head flips open effortlessly for easy and thorough cleaning or you can use the tiny brush to clean the rotary blades. Shavers which are not easy to clean are always problematic as we know.

This is a corded shaver and the power cord as many users pointed out is short and inconvenient. You will need to close up near the plug to shave, and that’s a hassle. Corded shavers are otherwise more consistent in delivering power supply for smooth shave. The shaver is ergonomically design with good grip.


For a shaver that cost less than $25 I won’t really complain about the product. It comes with every essential feature and delivers good performance. Honestly, you can’t expect it to work or compare to shaver like Panasonic ES-LV81 K with 5 blade cutting system. Moreover, Remington R-3150 Flex 360 is not the shaver for someone with thick and tough beard. I would say it works exactly as advertised for people with average beard and a great travel gadget. If you dislike weak battery or too many gimmicks with your shaver, this shaver might impress you as well.


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