Wahl Professional 8061 Shaver Shaper Review

wahl-8061The Wahl Professional 8061 (discount link) is an affordable, high-quality electric shaver. The product is geared toward consumers of all shaving experiences and backgrounds. From those who are often on-the-go and have little time to groom to men who enjoy a smooth, clean cut and have time to spare, the Wahl Professional 8061 can fit the needs of almost any man particular about his grooming habits.


The Wahl Professional 8061 comes with several features that consumers can appreciate. The patented Dynaflex cutting system has the ability to reach the contours of the neck, head and face, providing a pump-free, clean shave. This technology provides flexibility to reduce the risk of cuts, nicks and burns.

The product features hypoallergenic foils that provide a smooth, clean shave as well as antimicrobial protection against bacteria; those with sensitive skin may find that this shaver is an ideal product. The product is easy to handle and relatively simple in design so that users do not feel overwhelmed when operating the device.

Instructions for the shaver are available in both English and Spanish. It is not difficult to use the device as the steps are relatively simple to follow. Since the foil heads are hypoallergenic, it may be one of the most suitable shavers for those who have sensitive skin and worry about dryness when shaving.

The packaging of the Wahl Professional 8061 includes gold foil, the unit, a recharging stand, instruction manual and cleaning brush.


The Wahl Professional 8061 offers the following features:

– Gold-coated foil heads
– Patented Dynaflex technology
– Easy-to-use design
– Hypoallergenic
– Long battery life
– AC rotary motor
– Cord and cordless options
– Pop-up trimmer

Pros and Cons

The Wahl Professional 8061, with its hypoallergenic foil heads, can give those with sensitive skin a clean shave without the fear of cutting or drying out. The product measures approximately five inches in length, is lightweight and features a convenient and easy-to-use pop-up trimmer for simple mustache and side burn trimming. The shaver also appeals to those who are budget-minded as it is relatively inexpensive compared to similar products on the market.

However, several consumers agree that the Wahl Professional 8061 produces high vibrations that make it difficult to hold and operate the product, making them feel uncomfortable and not in control of the shaving process. Additionally, the shaver has a tendency to overheat almost immediately, even after only a few minutes of use. Other customers were disappointed to find that the shaver does not come with a side-cutting attachment.

Although the Wahl Professional 8061 is not the only electric shaver available for those with sensitive skin, it is one of the few electric shavers that are specifically designed for those who typically experience more razor burns, irritation and ingrown hair.

The product’s average rating is fairly balanced with more positive reviews than negative, suggesting that users either love or hate the shaver. While some consumers agree that it is the affordability of the product that first drew them to purchase it, others maintain that the hassle of purchasing and replacing foil along with the unit’s tendency to overheat is simply not worth the headache. Additionally, users report that the shaver only works on stubble-length hair and is not ideal for longer beards. However, the Wahl Professional 8061 also gives the closest shave without the use of shaving gel or blades for many consumers across the board.


The Wahl Professional 8061 may appeal more to those who have dry or sensitive skin as it can protect from damage due to its hypoallergenic foil heads. The unit is electrical but can also run on batteries, making it a smart purchase for those who travel frequently but also rely on traditional charging. Cleaning the device is relatively simple, and most consumers agree that it is a solid shaver for its price.

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