Very Inexpensive yet Efficient Philips Norelco PQ208/40

The new Phillips Norelco PQ208 is a beautiful small shaver, especially design as travel shaver. As of now, you won’t find the shaver easily available at store or online resources. Wal-Mart claims the shaver to be exclusively available with them.

What attracts the shaver to my attention is the fact that it is very cheap, less than $15 at Wal-Mart, yet very efficient. Most users stated that the shaver gives a clean and close irritation free shave. This new Phillips Norelco PQ208/40 could well be a threat to brand like Remington, known for producing cheap and efficient electric shavers. A lot many people would prefer Phillips shaver over Remington given a choice and especially when they pay the same amount.

The small size of the razor adds advantage to its users as it is more manoeuvrable to access areas like the spots above the ears, near the crease of the neck or under the nose. These areas are always a problem to access with three head razor. However, Phillips Norelco PQ208 is small and it comes with two razor head and you can access the said areas with much ease and comfort.

You don’t get the best shaving experience, yet this shaver gives very satisfactory result. You can a clean and irritation free shave. It is very recommendable, especially for people who are new to electric razor and wants to know how it’s like without spending a fortune.

Philips had endorsed their brand value for this cheap yet very competent shaver. As a matter of fact, this shaver is a threat to other low-end electric shavers brand like Remington known to produce cheap and quality product.

Some users stated having used the shaver for shaving head with excellent result. As expected the shaver would not shave as fast as 3-head shavers but you get very close irritation free shave. There is no problem of uneven or ingrown hairs which is a common problem with cheap electric shavers. Because of the small size you can easily follow the contour of your face while shaving without an effort.

The shaver includes a carry pouch and a small brush. It is very compact and you can tuck in easily into any carry bag while travelling. It has no side trimmer and not washable. So, that excludes the experience of wet shaving with this razor. The shaver is powered with Alkaline batteries which is suppose to last 30 minutes of shaving time. The battery is replaceable.

Overall, I find the shaver to be of great value and something one can afford without an attempt. Again, the shaver adds more value with its 2 years limited warranty.


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