The Awesome Skull Shaver is the Best Head Shaver

skull-shaver-shavingIf you like going bald, you’ll be blown away by this revolutionary Skull Shaver (discount link). It looks so unique and does equally a unique and highly commendable job. Skull shaver is especially designed to work efficiently on the go. The co-founder John Lyles travel a lot and had been wanting a shaver that will give him a quick, comfortable and convenient shave on the go. There was none on the market that would meet his expectations. And that gave birth to make Skull Shaver.

What’s cool with Skull Shaver

This Skull shaver as we can see is uniquely designed from the 5 individual flex rotary blades to the handle. It makes sense straight away somehow to see this shaver using 5 rotary blades (we’ll explain more shortly), but what about that odd handle design? As opposed to the traditional vertical handle what you get is the patented hand-held horizontally shaped handle that will easily allow your palm to fit in. The idea of this design is to make shaving your head very convenient without even having to look in the mirror.

To elaborate how convenient it can be to shave your head using this shaver simply moves your hand with closed fist at every sides of your head including the back, and then do the same thing with open palm. You see the difference? Aha! That’s a lot more convenient, isn’t it?

A lot of guys who go bald will often visit a barber to get the job done. This is true even if you own the top electric shaver because it is not so convenient to shave your head by yourself and you may miss patches here and there, especially at the back. Now, shaving your head is really a breeze with Skull Shaver. No wonder, the design is patented.

Again, Skull Shaver (discount link) features 5 individual flex action thin heads intended to give a close shave and also follow the contours of your head and face. Yes, you can use this shaver to shave your face too. In fact, it is better than most of the mid range shaver category. Some users pointed out that using the shaver felt like massaging the head and not just shaving.

The flexible heads can easily reach out any hard to access area without an effort. You can comfortable shave in any direction, whether it is in circular or to and fro motion. It comes with a reasonably powerful motor located in the handle. And since the motor is located in the handle the blades stays cool, allowing you to shave without razor burn or skin inflammation. This is important because it takes longer to shave your head than your face.

It may look bulky but actually it very light and portable. The manufacturer had considered a lot of things to make it truly convenient to use it on the go.

skullshaver-cleaningMaintenance is easy, you just need to remove the individual heads either to clean or replace them. Presently there is no sufficient information included with the shaver on maintenance. They refer users to their website ( for maintenance and cleaning guide. But cleaning head replacement is basically a simple and easy process. The head replacement cutter cost $13 on Amazon at the time of writing this Skull Shaver review. Additionally you can buy clipper attachment and ear/nose trimmer sold separately.

In case you had been using disposal blades give it some time for your skin and hair to adapt to the new shaver. It usually takes about 2 weeks before you can get the optimal shave using any new shaver.


In spite of all the glamour the shaver has some downsides. It can’t be used on the cord like most shavers. The battery life is not so good. It is suppose to give you approximately 30 minutes of cordless shaving, but could be less. The shaver takes about 4 hours to fully charge and doesn’t offer feature such as quick-charge in case we need a quick charge for a single shave. It is not as close as shaving with disposal blades.


skull-shaverIn short, the Skull Shaver does exactly what it says. It makes a lot cheaper than using high-end disposable blades. Unlike disposal blades it won’t take forever to shave your head of face. Skull Shaver may not be the best shaver to shave your face but this is the shopper’s stop for a shaver to give you the most gratifying result in shaving your head.

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