In Quest for a Quiet Electric Shaver

I had never considered my Braun shavers to be noisy until I tried this Norelco SenoTouch 3D. It is actually very quiet and that makes me ponder how people manage with the noise, especially shaving early morning when they are not the only one living in the house.

Some of us get better result with foil shaver but if you are a morning person there is a problem of waking everyone up when you shave with the buzzing noise of the shaver. That can really piss off your spouse or other family members. You may never be bothered with the noise but at the same time you can’t buy your family some earplugs. Isn’t it? So, the logical alternative to foil shaver is rotary shaver. They tend to be much quieter than foil shavers.

However, not all rotary shavers are created equally and some of them can be nasty when it comes to creating noise just like the foil shaver. I love my SensoTouch 3D but I understand not everyone will agree with me. So, what are the options we have?

Remington shavers are generally noisy, even the rotary shavers are no exception as far as I remember. I know they often have good deals, but I suggest you keep distance from Remington if quietness is what you need.

Currently, Panasonic and Braun are only into making foil shavers. I therefore rule out the possibility of using these two brands. For me that leaves me no choice other than Philips rotary shavers. I won’t risk with some unknown brand that end up being Piranha.

The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D series are shavers to easily fall in love with but they are pricey. This is the top-end rotary shaver and nothing like it if you don’t mind spending $200 or more for your shaver.

Another highly recommended shaver for a dynamic and quiet shave is Philips Norelco 7340. You can’t really complain with this shaver, priced for less than $90 and offering a very close and comfortable shave. This shaver works really well with preshave powder stick. The lift and cut technology is not some marketing gimmicks, it really is a benefit and advantageous over other shavers to pick up flat lying hairs.

If you are looking for a mid-range quit electric shaver, then I would recommend Philips Norelco AT830 Powertouch with Aquatec. This shaver is entirely waterproof and ideal for both dry and wet shave. You’ll find the same ‘Lift & Cut’ technology and you can expect a fairly close shave.


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