Panasonic ES8103S Electric Razor Review

About the Panasonic ES8103S Electronic Razor

81NEZHc-R7L._SL1500_The Panasonic ES8103S (discount link) foil blade razor is crafted using Japanese sword manufacturing techniques, demonstrating an impeccable quality and proving to be a grooming essential many men will not be able to live without. Its stainless steel blades have been designed to provide close shaves without the painful tugging, pulling and nicking that other standard electric razors can cause. An array of convenient, versatile features, like its portability and long-lasting charge, distinguish it from even some of the most trusted competitive brands. Measuring 1.7 by 2.4 by 6 inches, and weighing 7.1 ounces, the whole system is compact and suited perfectly for traveling. All in all, this product easy to use. Morning shaving rituals will be less of a headache with Panasonic’s quality razor, the smart and sleek choice many a man’s medicine cabinet.

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What’s Included?

On the Blades and the Head

  • Three-Blade Shaving System: Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin, this is what gives the razor its unique capacity to breeze over those curvatures and other areas that are hard to get a close shave on (i.e. the cheeks and below the jawline)
  • Sharp Nanotech Design: This provides that clean, smooth shave in conjunction with its arced foil head.
  • Adjustable Pivoting Head: The flexibility of this component follows the facial contours precisely so as not to miss spots and leave behind difficult stubble.
  • Pop-up Trimmer: This is good for detailing goatees, mustaches and sideburns.


  • LCD Display: The screen indicates the battery life of the razor, which is quite long-lasting for this system in comparison to others razors.
  • 13,00 RPM Motor: Able to reach 17,000 RPM in cleaning mode, the system is durable and has a battery life that powers it consistently up until the end of its charge.


  • Automatic Universal Dual Voltage (100-24V): The razor system can be made compatible with multiple outlets, making it easy to use virtually anywhere overseas.
  • Travel Lock: This component prevents the battery life from running out if the device were accidentally switched on.

Additional Details

  • The system comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The razor can be purchased in a combo set and includes a travel pouch.

Using the Panasonic ES8103S Razor and Getting the Most Out of It

Foil blades are ideal for shaving fine, straight hair. The blades on this razor in particular will need to be cleaned frequently since they are intended for daily use, as most foil blades are. They work well for both wet and dry shaving although it is recommended to avoid incessant use of the system in the shower. Some have remarked that its battery life waned with constant exposure to dampness and humidity.

There is no need to press it forcefully onto the skin to obtain a close shave. Since its head pivot range extends 25 degrees back and forth, and 20 degrees left and right, the razor’s tork and blades will do the majority of the cutting and trimming work. When shaving, use an vertical and horizontal strokes to obtain the best results. It will not perform as well with circular strokes, which are better when using rotary shavers. Norelco, a popular rotary razor, is likened to Panasonic’s ES8103S model even so; and Panasonic’s system obtains quality results just as much as many of its counterparts.

The razor has received an average of a 4 out of 5 star rating, with many users giving positive feedback and claiming that it functions well in many circumstances. The reviews are rather mixed, however, about the Panasonic’s ability to produce a shave efficiently and quickly. For thicker hair, it could likely take more work to get just as close of a shave as it would for someone with fine hair.

Use the turbo cleaning mode to remove the excess residue from the blade, but do not keep the razor powered in this position or try to operate it. Its motor is designed to run on 13,000 RPM and not the rate of 17,000 RPM that it can reach in the cleaning mode.

This electric razor is a great product that will be useful to men of all ages and to those with varying grades of hair thickness. Anyone who has ever experienced itchiness and irritation from shaving in the past should make the investment in this razor to experience the remarkable difference.

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