Panasonic ES-LV81-K is surely a Winner but Expensive

This Panasonic ES-LV81-K (discount linkis a beauty and an excellent razor made in Japan. The most impressive quality of this razor is its ability to deliver real quick and clean shave. Almost every new electric shaver in the market claims to have this quality but many are far from achieving it as we experienced.

Electric shaver industry is rapidly improving over the many years and today we have great shavers like the Braun series 7, Phillips Norelco 3D, Panasonic ES-LA93 K and the likes. So, how exactly is ES-LV81 K different from them in a better way?


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How Panasonic ES-LV81 K/ES-LV61 is Better Than Other Shavers

The major improvement of Panasonic ES-LV81 K/ES-LV61 A over its predecessor and other top shaver is the number of blades and the inclusion of Lift-Tech Foil system over Ultra-thin vibrating outer foil. This shaver is the world’s first linear 5 blade shaver and quite efficient as claimed.

Now, you could be asking, if this changes will really make any impressive differences for you to buy this rather expensive razor? Like we always said, your personal factors should always influence to decide the best shaver for you.

The previous model from Panasonic razor is an excellent one known to give a clean and close shave for many. Braun series 7 is a great razor, and there is no point upgrading to any other new razor in the market if you are happy with your present razor. The point is that any new breakthrough may not necessarily enhance your overall user experience.

Yet, for some people Braun series 7 or Philips 3D still leaves small patches unattended or fails to attain the desired level in the first go. There are people with thick hair who often need to concentrate in certain areas with these shavers. If you are among this group of people, then you may be all praise for this shaver from Panasonic.

You can expect to get a better result with Panasonic ES-LV81 K then most of the top electric shavers out there. The 5th blade seems to be the obvious reason behind a closer and faster shave with ES-LV81 K. This Panasonic 5-Blade razor consists of one centrally located Slit blade and 4 Quick LiftFoils. Earlier with the ES-LA93-K model, we have one Slit blade and 3 ultra-thin vibrating outer foils.

The overall user experience may be quite similar with other top-end shavers but Panasonic ES-LV81 K would give a more complete shave. This is because there is no missed spot even for people with thick hair and tricky facial contour.

The use of 5-blade not only give a better coverage but it considerably reduce the shaving time. There is a difference of over 2 minutes as compared to series 7. It has a nice timer to on the shaver to track your shaving time.

Most people don’t need wet shave with electric razor as wet shaving defeat the reason to use electric razor. But again wet shaving option is desirable sometime, especially at shower. Panasonic ES-LV81 is 100% waterproof, excellent for dry shave and equally superior for wet shaving with gel or foam even under shower.

Foil shavers are generally noisy, but this Panasonic shaver is quite an improvement, quitter than series 7 and ES-LA93-K. This is a nice move considering the fact that it runs on a fast linear motor at 14,000 cycles per minute (CPM). You will also find the cleaning cycle to be quitter than others.

Like its predecessors, this new shaver is available with and without the Automatic Cleaning and Charging system. The ES-LV81 K model comes with the cleaning system and less than $10 more expensive over ES-LV61 A. The ES-LV81 K model is definitely the preferred model with negligible price difference if you like automatic cleaning.  This Panasonic shaver is also easy to clean under running water.

The one concern that some people bring up with Panasonic is the cost of replacement for the foil and blade. Braun replacement parts are cheaper and Remington is even cheaper even for shavers comparable to Panasonic shavers. But again it won’t matter for many people if quality is what they get, and especially when they can effort high-priced razor.

Where can you get Panasonic ESLV81-K cheap?

The expensive Price tag is another concern with this superb razor. It was initially priced at $600, but it is now available at Amazon for less than half the original price which is absolutely a bargain. Though not perfect, Panasonic ES-LV81-K shaver seems to be the most promising razor on the market for everyday’s clean and close shaving.

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