Panasonic ES-LF51-A Electric Razor Review

To the Panic of Stubborn Stubble Everywhere: Panasonic’s ES-LF51-A Men’s Electric Razor (discount link)

Panasonic ES-LF51-AGentlemen, we know just how daunting the process of selecting an electric shaver can be. Beyond the seemingly infinite number of sheer brands and models that populate the personal grooming electronics marketplace there’s the myriad feature factor: Automatic cleaning systems, replaceable washing fluids, cutting foil types, straight-edge or rotary head designs, charging capabilities…the list goes on and on. Indeed, it feels as though there are an intimidating number of such features on nearly every electric shaver on the market – how many of these do we actually use? How many of them actually work as described? How many merely add a hefty premium to the price?

Of all the mainstream brands of popular men’s electric shavers/razors, Panasonic has been making the most headway into the more premium end of this competitive marketplace. Highly regarded by most discriminating gentlemen that use them, the Panasonic shavers boast modern technology wrapped in rather high-tech shells that really stand out when compared to their fellow stubble-grabbing peers on the store shelves. The company’s advanced ES-LF51-A four-blade electric razor has been making a splash amongst demanding electric shaver users as of late, combining a comprehensive feature set, advanced performance and cutting-edge — no pun intended — style.

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The Details

Panasonic’s ES-LF51-A features a four-blade ultra-thin foil cutting system with 30-degree “Nano Blades” for what the company calls a “clean shaving experience” in addition to a 14,000 CPM linear motor drive with flexible pivoting head and stainless steel foil and blade, built-in slide up trimmer, five-stage LED readout, lock button, Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode for quick clean-up, 100-percent waterproof characteristics and travel pouch and AC adapter.

This four-blade (“arc4”) shaving system, as explained by Panasonic, translates to more foils for better coverage and reduced shaving time – something every man on the go knows something about and is after. Specifically designed to provide a “comfortable, smooth and close shave,” the ES-LF51-A and its nanotech blades is considered one of the “sharpest” cutting electric shavers in the industry, the blades honed at an acute 30 degree angle so whiskers get more cleanly cut at the root. A flexible pivoting head rotates in a back-and-forth motion, following the contours of the face for what the company refers to as an “effortless and quick shave,” while a rapid-fire 14,000-cycle-per-minute linear motor drive promises a quick cut that reportedly eliminates pulling, tugging and irritation. Multi-fit arc blades couple with a slit foil to tackle the hardships of long beards and a “turbo” mode allows for the foil to be removed and rinsed clean for renewal under running water.

The innovative Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode produces, says Panasonic, sonic waves to provide extra cleaning power as well as wet/dry cordless operation.

The Pros and Cons: What Are People Saying?

Given the price point Panasonic’s LF51 sits atop, it would come as no surprise, arbitrarily, that the product would exhibit nearly flawless performance. Almost every user that has ever had anything to say about the Panasonic gives it thumbs up and critical praise, citing the shaver’s comfort and ability to leave less stubble and require less passes over the same area of the face as its direct competition. Further, owners often talk about its “more robust” trimmer as compared to other electric shavers in addition to its outstanding charge holds, ability to shave not only the face but shoulders and upper back regions, burn-free and rapid shaving characteristics, ease of cleaning and simplicity for traveling with.

Conversely, some owners reported their skin as not being able to “get used to” the Panasonic’s shaving characteristics as well as difficulty cutting hairs in certain places such as the neck; there have also been reports of some owners feeling the shaver took longer to complete a shave with the Panasonic as compared to a disposable razor.

The Final Word

With an uncanny combination of features, technology and mostly glowing user feedback, Panasonic’s ES-LF51-A should seemingly be at the top of any electric shaver aficionado’s shopping list.

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