Looking for the best electric head shaver – Philips Norelco QC5580 /40

In our earlier discussion we talked about the wonderful bald head shaver, the ‘Skull Shaver’ that can get your job well done with its wonderful technology making you feel as easy as running your palm on your head. we feel it is always better to keep your options open. so we decided to share the best do it yourself groomer with our best possible reviews  to keep yourself free from visiting the barber and get the best electric shaver for bald heads that really fits your requirements.

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro is an upgraded version of Philips Norelco QC5550 that comes with head shave attachment to get a complete bald look. I always fancy sporting a short stubble/crew look and with the 14 built in attachments I have so many options to choose from the 0 inch setting that goes up to 19/32 inch.

I really don’t mind working with the cord attached while shaving my face but cordless shaving is a lot cooler, easier and hassle free especially when you have to work on your head. I simply cannot do with the cord tangling around while I am working on my head. It is simply good that you can work 60 minutes of cordless shaving with this shaver. It runs on lithium Ion battery.

Manoeuvring is easy as the head rotates 180 degree that helps you run your shaver from any directions comfortably. Unlike the conventional straight up cutter in most of the electric head shaver that usually pops right up, this shaver is a lot easier to handle and manoeuvre. I bet they have had sum of ideas and research put together and got it right beautifully. Shaving the back of your head may be a challenge for most of us. With The 180 degree rotating head you can easily follow the spots you wish to cut/shave as you run your fingers to check on the uncut or unshaved area you want to work upon.

What other users think about Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Some users just feel that Philips should work on its locking system as it has the chances of shifting to another length setting while working on it. Some of the users were not happy about it. On the contrary, I just feel that this may not be nearly possible because to work on adjustment settings you have to apply some effort with your other hand to turn the ring as you keep holding the grip with the other. The lock ring is mounted vertical and away from the grip area. As you turn the setting you will hear the sharp click every time you turn it to change the settings.You should really not worry at all. Sometimes due to Some faulty handling or improper shaving techniques we  misunderstood unrewarding outcomes  for unrefined device features.Some user suggested a multi-use for other body part (e.g.: The armpit) but we recommend this groomer only for the head because the clipper is larger than the recommended size for any other device for other uses. Also, Hairs on other part of our body may not have the same characteristics as that of our heads. I must say this shaver does so well for what it was created for.

My initial experience with Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Initially, the cutting looks a little irregular and I had to run the shaver more than required to level it up. However I just felt I needed to get the basics right by placing the flat surface of the comb to fully come in contact with the surface of your skin. I got the shave right the moment I run the comb parallel to the skin and almost touching the entire area and pressing down as I moved on(not necessarily pressing too hard). You may want someone’s help to check out on irregular cuts at the back if you think you didn’t get it right the first time. Eventually you will surely get used to using this awesome groomer. This is one of the best electric shavers for bald heads that will not let you down. Thorough understanding of the appliances and its features will take you to a level of getting the best out of it.
You don’t necessary have to lubricate the shaver like the regular clippers. This is completely washable and cleaning comes easy. The brush that comes with the shaver is just handy for quick clean.
The design itself has made it so easy to use. Unlike the conventional straight up cutter that pops right in the air through the grip’s allignment, this feature has actually made the user so easy to control.
Since it is a little pricier we can expect a stand or some sort to safely store away to avoid damage and for convenience. Also, the trimming guard looks vulnerable and thin. There is really no problem replacing or removing it but I just really don’t want to snap it while doing it.


Don’t run the shave too fast. When you run the shaver on your head you will get the feel that the shaver is ready to move on to the next uncut area. Then with a slight push you will get to understand the momentum and tuned with the execution of the device.


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