How to Shave your Chest with Electric Shaver

Let’s take a quick look why men shave their chest before we get to the steps on how to shave your chest. Men prefer to shave their chest primarily because it looks clean and fresh, and it is a way to show their muscular chest. Men may also like to keep their chest clean because their women like it better. Contemporary models and advertisements showcase clean chest making it even more popular than hairy chest.

Why choose electric shaver to shave your chest?

There are different ways to get rid of your body hair. The most popular methods are shaving with razor (both manual and electric razor) and waxing. The method of waxing hair is popular as it takes longer time to grow back hair but it can be a painful experience and why people fail to use it as an everyday method of shaving body hair. Laser treatments are expensive. These are the reasons why most people opt to shave with razor.

If you have a lot of body hair it will take more than one manual razor to shave clean your chest. The process can be time consuming which is why using top electric razor is much more preferable. Electric shavers can easily shave any parts of the body without having to worry about cuts. It is not possible to shave your back with manual razor on your own. However, with electric razor you can shave your back on your own with the help of a good mirror in the bathroom.

How to shave your chest clean?

To begin, you need to undergo some preparations for a smooth, clean and comfortable shave. The first thing to consider would be trimming down the chest hair if it is long. I would consider wet shave over dry shave for comfort, and also for the necessity to take shower after shaving the chest.

Once the trimming is over, wet the chest with warm water to soften the hair and apply a good quality shaving cream.  It is ideal to shave your chest under running shower. You can either use a brush or your hand to apply shaving cream all over your chest or any parts on the body where you need to shave. Message your body with the shaving cream for at least one minute to make the hair very soft.

Start shaving by doing small portion at a time. Do not go for long strokes, in an attempt to cover more areas in lesser time. Be cautious around the nipple areas as they are very sensitive. Do not put too much pressure as you shave the body. Any good electric shaver should be able to capture the hair in a single stroke. It is a good idea to go for electric shavers that support both wet and dry shave.

After shaving apply body moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin. You can also put talc powder on your chest to prevent your skin from burning if you experience inflammation. Shaving your body is a nice experience both for appearance and keeping your body cool especially in the summer.


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