How to Clean Electric Razor Manually to get Optimum Result

How to clean electric razorMost of the best electric shavers today have self cleaning system that can automatically and efficiently clean your shaver in no time. In fact, this cleaning station not just cleans but lubricates, scent and charges the shaver every time you use them. This really simplifies the use of electric razor and also it makes the shaver like new after every cleaning cycle. Shavers like the Braun series 7 and Panasonic ES-LV81 k offers superb cleaning station.

But again there are models without the cleaning system. For old electric razor or models that don’t use self cleaning system, you’ll need to clean your shaver manually by hand.  So how often do we clean them and how? Now, it is important to read the manufacturer’s manual carefully as the process of cleaning the shaver will vary from one another. Anyway, the general procedure to clean your electric shaver is very simple. It is not time consuming as some people might guess.

After every shave your shaver gets stuck with debris such as hair strands, foam or gel particles and dirt. The most important key to maintain your shaver efficiency is to clean them regularly. The shaver’s head would already have become dull and blunt when you stop cleaning them for months and it won’t make a positive difference even if you start cleaning them frequently after such breaks.

If you use your shaver everyday then you should clean it at least twice a week for maximum efficiency. To clean your shaver, detach the head carefully. Then brush gently to remove hair and dirt from the cutter block or foil. Most electric shavers will come with brushes for this purpose. When you do that you will realize that some dirt particles can’t be removed by brushing. This is the time you need to soak the shaver’s head with some alcohol based solution. The idea is to replicate cleaning solution such as Braun Clean and Renew refills. You can put some rubbing alcohol into a cup containing your shaver’s head, cutter or foil and then swish around the alcohol to ensure thorough coverage. Then allow it soak for a while.

Once this is done, dry the foil or cutter and the head on a towel. When dried properly reassemble the shaver, and lubricate it with a drop or two of clipper oil or spray razor lubricant. Now, your shaver is all set to give you a new like experience. This process of manually cleaning can be tedious as compared to automatic cleaning system but guess what, you could be saving $30 – $40 a year from buying cleaning refills cartridges.

You may not be able to follow this cleaning procedure every day. So, another good practice is to rinse the shaver under hot running water after every shave. By doing this the stubble and the dirt gets wet and will cake around the shaver heads. You can then pop the head open and tap against your palm, after which run the open head under hot running water again.

Cleaning your shaver regularly will not only make it efficient but also increases the durability of the shaver. Remember, you can only enjoy the full capability of the shaver when your maintenance is good just like your motor car.


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