How often do you need to replace your shaver cutting surface?

Foil-and-cutterblockWe all understand that different shaver recommends different timing to replace the shavers’ head. Some of the best electric shavers out there work very well for more than a year without the need for foil/cutter replacement. For instance, you don’t have to worry about replacing the blades for Braun Series 7 for 18 months or more. Normally, you get instruction from the manufacturer when it is generally a good time to change the shaver head.

Of course, this won’t be true if you have a very tough hair that would shorten the lifespan of these blades. The point is, most of us would hold on with a shaver or won’t change the head until they started to drag and pull. The quality of the shaver would greatly matter as to when it is time to change the blades.

However, if you are an enthusiast for electric shavers like me and many folks out there, it is likely that you will get a new shaver instead of buying a new head. It makes sense to do these especially when you use mid-end or low-end shavers. The price difference for a new shaver head and the price for a completely new shaver are not much.

By the way, I don’t throw old shavers away, I sell them on Ebay. There are always some people looking for such deals. This way I can get rid of my high-end shavers as well whenever I need a change. I just sell them on Ebay for a good deal and go for the hot ones on the market.

Anyway some people prefer to keep their drawers full and switch between shavers while they wait for a good deal on Amazon for the one they had their eyes on. Top electric shavers these days are designed to last 7 years or more and so this is not a bad strategy. If you have multiple back-ups you can switch shavers instead of buying a new shaver head until you get a good deal for the shaver of your choice. It would be nice to have multiple choices in the morning to shave.

Tell us how often do you replace your shaver’s foil or cutter-block/combs?


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  1. Mr John
    December 21, 2013

    Yeah itz a really very frustating to change the cutter i mostly buy new shaver in place of changing it.

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