How many percentage of men use electric shavers?

manual razor vs electric shaverAccording to some surveys, at least 25% of men shave with electric razor every day. Certainly, the statistics will differ from one country to another. In country like Germany 50% of men uses electric razors on a daily basis. But overall it is said that only 25% of men shave with electric razor which seems to be a realistic figure.

However, this again is a ballpark figure. If you are looking for reliable consumer information from market research companies you will have to pay for it, and such information may not be available for free searches. Nonetheless, speaking from personal point of view not every guy I know use electric shaver to shave. When I visit retail outlets the number of electric shavers displayed against the number of manual razors is very less. This indicates clearly that there are more men who shave everyday with manual razors. The 25% seems to be less but accurate.

There is this electric shaver forum I frequent ( that raises the same question. Many members felt that the figure of 25% is a realistic one. They too felt that there are more men who prefer the conventional method of shaving with manual razors than with electric razors.

It is understood that good electric razors have more advantages than manual razors when it comes to convenience and comfort. They are also capable of giving a clean and close shave just like the manual razors. Apparently, price factor is the main reason why we see many men shying away from electric shavers. But it is worth mentioning that electric shavers can be cheaper when we do the math properly. Unlike manual razors you use the same electric razors for many years. Electric razor causes less or no skin irritations. It definitely is a good choice when you know how to pick the right electric razor.

No doubt, some men still prefer to stick with blade for their own good reason. They would try out electric razors and abandoned them soon. The refinement of blade and cartridge blade razor is another for its popularity.  These days we get less cuts and irritations with blade while shaving.

Yet, there are some men who shave because they have to shave. They won’t bother to consider for some insignificant functions to enhance shaving experience. If they can lather up and shave that’s all they need. Why bother to pay $50 -$300 when they can get a cartridge razor for less than 10 bucks.


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