How Long Does Electric Shaver Last?

A lot of people new to electric shavers have this question “How long does electric shaver actually last”? Obviously, there is no general answer to this question. We get limited warranty form the manufacturers for their products. High-end electric shavers usually come with 2 – 3 years limited warranty from the manufacturers while lower end products vary between 6 – 12 months. In practise, these products last much longer than their warranty periods.

Top range shavers can last anywhere between 7 – 10 years with some replacements in the course of time. The most common replacement parts being the cutter block or foil that can last 12 -18 months depending on the usage and beard type. You might also need to replace screens with some shavers. These shavers become like new every time you change their cutter block and foil within the stipulated time from the manufacturer.

Apart from the product quality, the durability would depend on the usage and thickness of your beard. People with thick beard often need to replace their shaver sooner than people with thin beard. Maintenance is another factor that plays an important role in shaver durability.  Shavers like Braun series 7 790cc or Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D include cleansing system that not only enhance the performance but durability as well.

Middle ranges of shavers like Braun Series 3 340S-4 and Remington Microscreen MS2-390 would last a good 5 years. They cost less than $100 and definitely a good bargain. Lower ranges of electric shavers will last between 1 – 3 years.

Of course there are many unpopular brands or nameless brands out there on the market that is less durable than the ones discussed above. This is one reason why we recommend top electric shavers for better experience.

Most of the time people who buy top-end electric shavers would replace their shaver not because the old shaver doesn’t work anymore but most likely because they need a change. They often own 2 – 3 shavers in a couple of year’s time. Some people don’t pass 2-year mark with the same electric razor.



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