Foil Shaver Vs Rotary Shaver – The Ongoing Debate

foil-shaver-Vs-rotary-shaverBoth foil and rotary shaver does very well in the market. They incorporate the latest technological innovations to give the most favourable result which is why both sorts of shavers have their own circle of fans. But which one is better – foil or rotary shaver?

Foil shaver Vs Rotary shaver is not a new debate. Moreover, there is no right or wrong choice. What type of shaver is best for you would depend a lot on your type of hair and skin, along with other preferences. Some would vote for foil shaver while other would prefer rotary shaver for consistency, closeness and comfort. You really need to experiment with both types of shavers before you can conclude on your preference.

Technically speaking, the primary difference between the two types of shaver is the shaver’s head and the technique of removing the facial hair. Rotary shaver uses circular spinning blades while foil shaver employs a compilation of cutting blades concealed within a metallic foil to cut hairs.

For most people foil shaver gives a closer shave compared to rotary shaver. But this is not always true and would depend from shaver to shaver. For instance, the present top-end rotary shaver like Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3D wouldn’t be so easy to beat even by the top foil shaver.

Some people even claimed the foil shaver to work out better for sensitive skin. Shavers like Bruan Series 7 and Panasonic ESLV81 K are indeed very comfortable and soothing for any type of skin. There are also people who opine that foil shaver provides a longer lasting shave than a rotary shaver.

Rotary shaver comes with its own respective advantages. They are usually a lot quieter than foil shavers. Also, a rotary shaver seems to perform better than foil shaver while getting a wet shave. Many of us love to get a wet shave under shower from time to time. Rotary users are also of the opinion that the shave last longer.

Again, there are people who say the experience is just different. They are not necessarily better. Although what is common for everyone is that there is a slight transition or adjustment period when they move from rotary shaver to foil shaver and vice versa.

It is worth mentioning that people who actually shave with rotary shaver will response rotary, and people who shave with foils will response foils for their preferred choice. The point is people have their preferences and that’s why both types prevail in the market.


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