Do You Shave Every Day? The Benefits to Shave Every Day

Shaving is a routine every man faces on a regular basis. But this routine is not an obligation, and hence the regularity can differ from one man to another.  If someone asks me – do you shave every day? I don’t shave every day. I prefer to skip shaving during weekends.

Habits of shaving every day would also depend on the nature of the job and requirement. Some professions require a clean and close shaven face every day while others don’t. I don’t have a job that requires shaving every day but I don’t grow beard either as it looks funny on me. Yet I prefer to skip shaving for days at times simply to take a break from the normal routine. Skipping for two days in between shaves is often a standard for me during weekends.

The reason why I want to ask you if you shave every day is because there is an ongoing debate on the merits and demerits of shaving every day.

There are mixed opinions on the issue. Some are of the opinion that shaving every day causes harms to your skin while others opined that it offers benefits. It is true that some skin types are more sensitive to shaving and those people should avoid shaving every day. Also, to avoid razor burn and rashes people with sensitive skin should take certain measures. On the other hand, people with normal skin may as well have more benefits to shave every day.

Advantages of shaving every day

Shaving every day makes you refresh and gives a clean looks. This adds to your persona when you interact with public. Apart from this there are other benefits from shaving every day.

There is one obvious advantage to shave every day especially wet shave. When you shave every day using shaving cream or gel, you underwent the process of rubbing your skin and shaving scrubs dead skin. As we understand removing dead cells is beneficial for our skin to be vibrant and also help solve acne related problems. Accumulated skin debris over time leads to acne by entering into the hair follicles.

Another benefit is that when you use shaving products they include anti-bacterial agents that keep your skin free from bacterial infections. Again, the use shaving cream or after-shave cream moisturizes your skin that prevents skin dryness on a regular basis.

If you are looking for an answer to avoid razor bumps, shaving every day is actually beneficial. Shaving every day will prevent ingrown hair to a large extend which is the primary reason for razor bumps. Ingrown hair occurs when the hair gets trapped and it started to grow sideways or backward into the skin and hence shaving regularly helps.

There is no scientific proof that shaving on a daily basis helps to grow hair. However, many people experience better hair growth when they shave regularly. If you have facial hair deficit shaving on a daily basis can help your hair grow thicker and darker for sure. Shaving may even promote hair growth as claimed by many people.


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