Do You Have Problem Shaving Neck Area?

The majority of the guys out there find the neck area to be the most difficult area to shave. They won’t have problem getting a clean shave on the face but many guys are unable to get one on the neck. Often, the hair growth pattern is uneven on the neck area for many men, and it grows flat and in different directions. And so we have problem shaving the neck area for a clean shave.

It will depend a lot on the types of shavers you use to get a clean shave in the neck area. High-end shavers like Panasonic ES LV81 K will easily mow down hairs on the neck without any fuss but many guys will get mixed result with mid-end shaver like Remington Microscreen MS2 390. In addition, the methods or the way you shave will also determine in getting an effective result. My suggestion is not to pick electric shavers that are cheap and unreliable for a good result.

We have primarily two types of electric razor – rotary and foil shaver. Generally, most people get better result with rotary electric shavers over foil shavers while tackling to shave the neck area.  This is because of the applied method to remove hair with rotary shaver. However, people have different face topography, skin type and beard. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. As a matter of fact I find Braun series 7 790cc to be quite favorable to get a clean shave in the neck area though it is a foil shaver.

What seems to be favorable to me is also when I shave dry, especially in the morning when hairs appear to be naturally standing up. Some people do better when they wet shave using shaving cream and gel. Again, you need to try out various ways of shaving using different types of razors to decide what works for you best.

There are also people who get good result with pre electric shave prep for dry shaving. There are pre-shave oil and lotion on the market that can help dry the skin and make flat hair stand up. Again, some people get good result just using some talc alone.

To efficiently handle the problem of shaving the neck area you also need to be aware of the shaving methods that works for you, the way you use your shaver to shave. I get clean shave on the neck area while using the shaver head (foil) flat against the skin and not pressing down to hard. I realized that pressing the shaver, be it rotary or foil, too hard against your skin never yield good result.

If you are using a rotary shaver, you might consider making small circular moves as you shave. Shaving this way with rotary shaver help capture more hair because of the way rotary shaver’s head are designed.

Anyway, most electric shavers will fail to give a perfect shave on the neck area. It is still a challenge for electric shaver development to have completely solved the problem, especially for people with thick hair. The same is true for manual razor as well. Guys with thick facial hair will have problems getting a prefect close shave on the neck area.


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