Details of Clean and Renew System for Braun Shavers

Clean and Renew System
Clean and Renew System

Clean and Renew System is a cleaning station plus charging base for Braun Shaver Series 7, 5 and 3. This system adds a lot of advantages and conveniences. The system primarily clean, charge, lubricates, dry and scent at the same time. It automatically does all these at just the push of a button. Overall, it makes your shaving experience a pleasant one without any trouble when it comes to maintenance.

Features of Clean and Renew System

  • Cleaning: Braun Clean and Renew system uses an alcohol based cleaning solution to removed shaved stubble from your shavers. You can either clean your shaver thoroughly or use the quick Fast-Clean feature depending on your requirement. Cleaning the shaver with water is possible but you get far superior result using the cleaning station. It increases your shaver’s durability and efficiency as a result of comprehensive cleaning process and the outcome is clean and close shave.
  • Charging: The cleaning station also works as a base for charging. When you place the shaver in the Clean and Renew System it is automatically charged. As you clean your shaver you are also charging it.
  • Lubricating: The system not only cleans and charge but also lubricate your shaver to give you a new like shaving experience at all time. It automatically lubricates the blades of your shaver for optimum efficiency.
  • Scent: Apart from lubricating your shaver’s blades it also releases a refreshing lemon scent in the process. This makes your morning shaves enjoyable and refreshing.
  • Drying: Once the cleaning cycle is over the shaver is automatically dried. It uses a heat inductive system for the drying purpose. This means you can shave straight away right after the cleaning cycle without the need to wait for the shaver to dry.
  • Fast Clean: This feature allows users to clean the shaver in about 25 seconds only. This feature is not available with some lower models. If you are in a hurry, this particular feature comes very handy.
  • Automatic Program Selection: The Clean and Renew System has three modes to clean your shaver. Using this feature it will automatically select the most suitable mode for maximum cleaning intensity.


Benefits of Using Clean and Renew System

Maintenance is very easy with the use of cleaning station and saves you a lot of trouble from cleaning, lubricating or drying the shaver. You don’t have to use the old school ways of cleaning your shaver with water or brush. Traditional means of cleaning the shaver can be time consuming and tedious.

It saves you time. Even when your shaver needs cleaning you can opt for Fast-clean when you are in a hurry. It cleans your shaver in a jiffy in the most efficient manner.

Every time you clean your shaver it brings back efficiency and smoothness just like a new shaver. It will increase the durability of your shaver. As a result, many people use their Braun shavers for more than 5 – 7 years, or even more.

Is there any Downside?

Yes, there are some downsides, particularly the cleaning fluid. Since the cleaning fluid is an alcohol based solution it tend dry up fast even when you are not using them. One cleaning cartridge will last a little over a month when you use every day.

To avoid unnecessary evaporation you can remove the cartridge from the base and reseal it with the old cap. But if you clean your shaver everyday this routine may not be convenient. There are people with light beard who don’t need to clean their shaver every day. They can manage this routine with ease as they need to clean only once in a week.

Price is another concern with the cleaning fluid. It is expensive. However, you can get at reasonable price if you buy from Amazon, especially the 12 cartridges deal.


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