Braun Series 7- 760cc Shaver Review

71DJIs1hy1L._SL1500_The Braun Series 7 (discount link) shavers are ideal for any beard and skin combination, thanks to a three-setting adjustable shaving head; the Series 7 760cc-4 is arguably the best value shaver of the lot. Users report that the unit is relatively quiet, the basic charging/cleaning dock works well and that the shaver feels great in the hand.

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Although the Series 7 760cc-4 does not have as many bells and whistles than its more expensive Series 7 790cc-4 counterpart, owners agree that it delivers the same comfortable, close shaving performance for less money. Those who have difficulty shaving awkward, tough-to-reach areas may find comfort in the unit’s flexible foil shaving head. The shaver also features three different settings to accommodate different hair and skin types.

Many reviewers report that this model works equally well on tough, coarse beards and sensitive skin. After evaluating other reviews, only a few dissenters report that the shaver misses a hair here and there or irritates sensitive skin. One user who had recently switched from a rotary shaver claims that, while the 760cc does shave closer, it may take a little longer in the process.

Additionally, users report that the 760cc has no difficulty tackling several days’ worth of beard growth. One consumer reported that he had cut through two days’ worth of stubble like a hot knife through butter, thus cutting his shaving time in half. Many reviewers also like the Pulsonic, vibrating feature that feels similar to a facial massage during the shaving process.

However, many consumers expressed consternation about the unit’s pop-up trimmer, which is shorter than Braun’s previous model. Users may find that its slight, kitchen knife-like curve sticks out from the body at a slight angle. However, once users become used to the feature, they typically see the trimmer as an improvement, not a nuisance.


The Braun Series 7 760cc-4 comes fully equipped with the following features:

– Foil shaver
– Automatic cleaning system
– Washable
– Optional cord
– Charging indicator
– Quick-charge in five minutes
– Normal charge in one hour
– 100 to 240V
– Three shave settings
– Flexible, vibrating head
– Cleaning station
– Travel case, 12-volt smart plug
– Long-hair trimmer

Ease of Use

Above all, the Braun Series 7 760cc-4 feels good in the hand than older models; the body of the shaver is shaped more like a banana than a bar of soap. The shaving head, tilted inward, and the slightly rubberized covering make the unit feel more secure and manageable.

The base for the unit also works well; consumers simply drop the shaver into the base making sure that the shaving foils are upside down. The 760cc will run for approximately 50 minutes on a single one-hour charge and offers a five-minute quick-charge feature. Users also enjoy the illuminated indicator that lets them know when it’s time to change the foils.

One of the biggest complaints pertains to the size of the carrying case; users report that it is not large enough to hold the power cord and will not fit the cleaning station. Additionally, one isolated complaint reported that the cleaning system died unexpectedly following four months of usage.


While the shaving process is whisper-quiet and the shaver receives one of the best noise ratings in testing conducted by a consumer research organization, several users note that, while useful, the cleaning mechanism can be quite loud. However, most are willing to look past the noise due to the close shave and flexibility of the unit.


In general, users appear to be satisfied with the Braun Series 7 760cc-4’s durability and quality, and the relatively low cost of ownership may help to defray the initial cost purchasing the unit; replacement heads are relatively inexpensive and only need to be purchased roughly every 18 months. On the other hand, the cleaning cartridges may be more expensive; consumers are divided as to whether they’re worth the price.

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