Braun Series 7- 720 Shaver Review

720-braunOwners agree that any of the Braun Series 7 shavers are good choices for fans of foil shavers. For those who want to avoid the mess of cleaning stations, the Braun Series 7 720 (discount link) offers a close shave with three adjustment levels to accommodate any combination of beard and skin types.

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While not all consumers will be pleased with every shaver on the market, the Braun Series 7 720cc-4 comes close. One user reports that the unit shaves just about as close as physically possible while another states that the most intense shaving mode uncomfortably tugs at his skin. However, more consumers report that the three shaving modes are useful for customizing the shaving experience. In particular, several users comment that the sensitive-skin mode is extremely gentle and smoothing on the skin.

Its innovative Pulsonic technology delivers 10,000 rotations per minute (rpm) while its ActiveLift system quickly handles flat-lying hair in problem areas; the unit raises hair up on the face before cutting to ensure the closest possible shave.

Others say that the 720cc continues to hold power while running off of the battery and that there is no noticeable difference when the unit is plugged into a wall socket. Overall, reviewers report that the shaver is competent and durable for nearly any type of shaving and can deliver a close, clean-shaven look in just minutes.


Most notably, the Braun Series 7 720cc-4 offers the following features:

– Included travel pouch, power cord
– Foil shaver
– Use of long-hair trimmer
– Washable
– Pulsonic technology
– Three personalization modes
– Activelift system
– Optional cord
– Charging indicator
– Quick-charge time of five minutes
– Traditional charge time of one hour
– 100 to 240V

Ease of Use

Most like the design of the shaver. Users have the ability to lock the pivoting foil head into place for better control. Others claim that the pop-up clipper is actually much sturdier than it appears and is a definite improvement over the older shaver models. Many are delighted with the level of comfort that the Braun Series 7 720cc offers; cuts and nicks are reduced to a minimum, and consumers report little to no tagging or pulling.

However, there remain a few quibbles amongst consumers. Most do not like that there is no plastic cover for the foil head, and the wideness of the head itself causes some concern; one user speculates that perhaps someone with a larger face designed the unit as it does not appear to function properly on smaller areas. Another claims that he wishes the model was slightly thinner in the middle and lighter which would allow for a better grip.

Additionally, the power cord of the shaver connects to the back of the unit instead of the bottom, meaning that the 720cc-4 may fall into an uncomfortable position on the palm. While it isn’t a deal-breaker for many, most users agree that it does take some getting used to; they are often willing to push the awkwardness to the side in return for the ability to shave while the unit is plugged in.


Although the Braun Series 7 720cc-4 was not actually evaluated, it did receive a high rating for noise in one major test. It received the rating by default because of its similarity to Braun’s other Series 7 models. However, when comparing reviews, no news may be good news; while only a few noted loud noise when shaving, many did not.


Like other shavers in the Braun Series 7, the 720cc compensates for its relatively high cost with a decent cost of ownership. Since the unit does not come with a cleaning station, users don’t need to worry about spending extra money on cleaning cartridges. Additionally, the lack of a cleaning stations means one less thing that can go wrong.

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