Braun Series 5 590cc Review – Picking Right Model and Price

I have this strong feeling that picking the right electric shaver for our needs would be a lot easier if manufacturers come up with more simple names for their shaver. They don’t just come up with hard to remember names but they add numbers to make it even more complicated. Anyway in this Braun Series 5 590cc review we showed exactly what we think about this shaver in comparison with other series 5 shavers along with Series 3 and 7.

How does it compare with Braun series 3 and Series 7?

This is definitely not the best shaver and there is no “wow” factor. Yet it’s a very decent foil shaver which is somehow better than Braun 3 Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry. The Series 3 340s/380s is an excellent choice when it comes to value and comfort. But Braun Series 5 590cc is slightly superior with the OptiFoil feature. This OptiFoil helps to capture hair deeper and also easily capture those hairs growing in different direction, especially in the neck area. In addition Series 5 features Patented UltraActiveLift that will capture trouble flat lying hairs in the neck and jawline.

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I realised that not every individual will acknowledge these extra features, but if you are not happy with some mid-end shavers and also don’t want to pay ridiculous sum of money to get a decent shave this Braun Series 5 is a good choice. There is no quantum leap forward with Series 5 compared to Series 3 but you can expect an overall closer and smother dry shave. I also like the design better with series 5 with better grip.

Braun Series 5 doesn’t come with a very fast motor like the Braun Series 7 or Panasonic Es-LV81-K. You will have little or no problem to cut down a three day growth of beard with Series 7 whereas you are likely to struggle with Series 5. Having said these, if you don’t have a tough beard there is absolutely no reason to spend extra dollars for a faster motor. Braun series 5 is close, comfortable and complete if you are willing to spend some extra time.

Comparing with other series 5 shavers

In the US market we currently have the Braun Series 590cc, Series 570cc and Series 550cc. These model numbers are different from the European markets and features may vary slightly as compared to the ones available in the US. However, the differences of the Series 5 shavers on the US market are negligible. We have difference in LED display and color.

I personally like the – LED 4+1 for battery status cleaning indicator + hygiene status of Series 5 590cc as compared to LED 2+1 display of Series 5 570cc and Series 5 550cc. Moreover, I found a great deal on Amazon making this model the cheapest available at the time of purchasing the shaver.


This Braun Series 5 590cc is very reliable, well built and well designed with innovative features to give you a consistent and pleasant shave. Like any electric shaver you will face a bit of transition or adjustment period. Give it a week or two, especially if you had been using rotary shaver and you should get a good overall experience.


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