Braun Series 5 – 550cc Shaver Review

braun-550The Braun Series 5 550cc (discount link) is an electric shaver that provides a variety of functions to help in the trimming and cutting of all hair sizes and types. Its moving trimmers and octagonal-shaped foil help to easily lift hair from troublesome areas such as the jaw bone and chin. Users agree that the unit delivers a close shave that often lasts longer than shaving with traditional blades and razors.

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The Braun Series 5 550cc offers a Clean and Renew System kit that features a cartridge containing an alcohol solution. When the LED indicator shows that the shaver needs to be cleaned, users simply insert the head of the device into the unit and press a button to begin the cleaning process. Most shavers are completely clean and lubricated in as little as five minutes; however, users report having to wait a minimum of four hours before the shaver may be used again.

The shaver also features a patented ActiveLift middle trimmer, contour-adaptive shaving head and OptiFoil for a clean-cut, close shave. The OptiFoil helps to capture deeper hair and follicles that are growing in different directions, particularly around the neck, while the ActiveLift technology captures difficult flat-lying hairs around the jawline and neck.


Some of the key features noted by the product’s manufacturer and users are:

– OptiFoil technology
– ActiveLift technology
– Cleaning station
– Waterproof
– Washable
– Long hair trimmer
– LED displays for charging and cleaning
– SmartPlug adaptation for 100V to 240V
– Cleaning brush
– Protective travel case

Pros and Cons

While the entire Braun Series 5 550cc shaver is waterproof and allows for shaving in the shower, many enjoy the convenience of the Clean and Renew System. Users also report that the Braun Series 5 550cc boasts a detailed design and grip; the unit comes equipped with LED indicators to let users know when it is time to clean or charge the shaver.

Additionally, the shaver comes with a 3.6V lithium ion battery that has no memory effects. The average charging of time of one hour produces cordless shaving for up to 45 minutes, according to users. While many do not choose shavers based on looks alone, the metallic casing appeals to those who like their tools to have a pleasant aesthetic appeal as well.

However, consumers do not enjoy purchasing extra alcohol cartridge refills for the cleaning system. While the box many come with a supply of liquid, depending on the place of purchase, after consumers use the solution, they will need to buy more out of their own pockets.

Other users report that the unit is larger and takes up slightly more space than other similar products on counters. Similarly, the motor is not as fast as other Braun models; while some users have no difficulty cutting down a three-day beard growth with a higher-powered Braun shaver, they may run into trouble attempting to obtain the same results with the Braun Series 5 550cc.

However, for those who do not typically have a tough beard, consumers do not see the reason in spending extra money for a faster motor. Consumers who are able to dedicate a few extra minutes to shaving in order to save money may find the Braun Series 5 550cc to be just what they need.


While the Braun Series 5 550cc is durable, features a cleaning system and works well on different hair sizes and types, consumers may find that the unit is too pricey considering the added expense of refill cartridges. Still, the ease of cleaning, charging and lubricating the shaver at the touch of a button appeals to many. The side-moving foil technology provides a closer shave on even the smallest of hair follicles, and users across the board typically enjoy its triple action trimming and cutting technology.

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