Braun °CoolTec Shaver – The Best Solution to Sensitive Skin


Note: Braun °CoolTec Shaver is expected to release in the mid-2013. Here is the pre-order link!

Generally electric shavers are known to be a better option over disposal blades for sensitive skin. However, some people with hypersensitive skin still continue to get irritation even with the best electric razor.  The Braun °CoolTec Shaver is the world’s first dry shaver with integrated cooling bar that will put skin irritation on ice. According to some survey, approximately 40% of men possess sensitive skin and the patented ‘active cooling technology’ is known to drastically reduce shaving problems such as burning sensation, irritation, inflammation, itching and redness.

What is Braun °CoolTec Shaver cutting-edge technology about?

As we understand Braun is a trusted name when it comes to delivering consistent performance and technological innovations. Braun shavers are highly appreciated among men who love quality shave. They did it this time again! Instead of coming up with creams and lotions to reduce skin irritation Braun choose to address the issue within the shaver itself.

The primary two elements in this shaver are ‘the Cooling Bar and the Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC)’. The Cooling Bar is located between the foils and also next to the centre trimmer, designed and located to make contacts with the skin while shaving.

Now, all you have to do is to activate the Cooling Bar with the Thermo Electric Cooler technology. You can simply press the button on the shaver and the temperature of the Cooling Bar drops by around 20°C.  That’s it, no need for after-shave products.

The World’s 1st shaver with active cooling technology is expected to roll-out in mid-2013.

The Braun Cooltec CT2s Rechargeable Electric shaver is now  available at for pre-order at Amazon (released on July 15, 2013). CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER!



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