How does Braun clean and renew System Works?

Braun clean and renew refills and its advantages


I really like the idea of keeping my razor sterile and also having to work like new all the time. I just don’t want my shaver work best only on the day the package arrives. Braun clean and renew system for Braun series 7, 5 and 3 will make your shaver feels like new every time you come back for a shave. You shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for ultimate performance. Everything is maintained at the click of a button.

Electric shavers come with a high price and some people think they should do away with extra maintenance cost. But I believe Braun clean and renew function is just another ingredient of Braun to maintain the performance and life of the shaver just as you have a maintenance or recurring cost for other mechanical items. Even manual razors have additional cost like the shaving cream and requiring replacing of new blades very often.

Features of Braun shaver cleaner



The after shave stubble remains and debris is easily cleaned hygienically with an alcohol based antiseptic agent system.


To maintain the cutting efficiency of the blade the cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for the next shave. This process of lubrication also adds longevity to your blades and the shaver.


After the cleaning is done the shaver is thoroughly dried through a heat inductive system for better performance


During the process of cleaning and renewing the shaver battery is automatically charged

Automatic program selection

To select the best out of the 3 modes for optimal cleaning, the Clean & Renew system automatically assesses the cleaned history for optimum result.

Quick result

It has a quick program that can conveniently clean the shaver in about 25 seconds only

Very important tips on Braun clean & renew

Most people think the downside of Braun cleans & renews refills system is the evaporation and drying rate. They think it is not worth the price you pay for the vapor. There is a plastic cap that comes with the package for sealing the refill pack. Braun does not expect you to throw that away. Most people don’t bother to remove the cleaner to seal it away and end up paying for the vapor. Braun clean and renew ingredients is alcohol base and it evaporates faster than most other liquid and will run dry sooner than you expected.

Simply removing the cleaning-solution-pack and resealing is not a tough job. The solution will last so much longer.

Braun clean and renew cartridge and refills don’t come cheap as we want it to be but I have done the math and in fact it turns out cheaper than buying blades and shaving cream. It is worth the spent to maintain the expensive shavers you have paid for.

As, a matter fact you can get the refill cartridge cheap if you buy in bulk of 3 – 6 cartridges at Amazon.

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