How to pick the best shaver for you

best electric shaver for menThe price of electric shavers comes with the features and quality. Apart from the technicalities and functions, discussion on best razors for men also comes down to the point of willingness to pay and affordability that goes with the features that suits ones requirement.

The discussion on best men’s shaver is a relative term. What is best for some may not be necessarily good for others. For instance, Men with a scarce or thin hair may do well with the standard model with less cutting blades just as the higher model will do. Accommodating extended features like pop up trimmer or LED display comes with a cost as you step up the model ladder.

As we all know that most shavers of the same brand come with almost similar features ranging from the standard model through the high end model. So some men may think extra features like self cleaning system and trimmer may not be necessary. Apart from such extended features, better results and performance is associated with higher price.

Some of the points to consider when choosing the best men’s electric razor


  • Rotary or foil shaver: Types of shavers
  • Wet or Dry : Options for wet or dry shavings
  • Closeness and effective cutting blades (Cut Per minute)

Durability, user friendly and maintenance

  • Skin friendly: skin and hair type
  • Battery power and voltage : Quick charging, number of shaves, international voltage
  • Cleaning systems
  • Parts replacements and servicing
  • LED display : battery health
  • Travel friendly : ease of portability and voltage systems


  • Features like pop up trimmer : For side burns etc
  • Trial period: To determine the best shaver for your skin
  • Material and ergonomic design:  hand grip and body
  • Water resistant
  • Price competition : Best price with Amazon

To begin with, Rotary and foil shavers are the two main types of electric shavers. The Basic difference between foil and rotary shaver is the method in removing the hair.

Effective cutting is an integral part of choosing the best electric shaver and you might want to explore the difference between Foil and Rotary Shaver in our guide and article column.The Foil Electric Shaver has several blades hidden underneath a foil screen. Rotary comes with a round heads with cutters attached in pattern that usually come with a three or four circular spinning blades.

Choosing the best shaver for men is associated with skin sensitivity, problem areas like the neck and chin, hair growth pattern etc. Choosing between the two types of shavers is just as important as checking some other features.

For instance, if you have a sensitive skin, foil shaver like Braun Series 7 790cc is known for personalization modes such as extra Sensitive, normal and intensive modes to suit your skin type.

The rotary head shavers in Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is refined with 3 dimensional-contour orientation heads that pivots 360 degrees, tilts inward and flexes outward to follow the contour of your face to that works well with problem areas minimizing pressures and irritations.

Specification like blades vibrations per minute (cut per minute CPM) is important to consider in evaluating the cutting performance. Look for razor that has more than 10,000 RPM. The faster the blades vibrate the less tucking and pulling of hair. Panasonic Es-la93-k has 14,000 CPM (world’s fastest motor) linear motor drives. This shaver is so efficient to give fast and quality shaves with comfort. Check our Top Electric razor reviews for detail reviews.

Most electric shavers are designed with wet and dry functionality. If you prefer using electric shaver in the shower you will want to ensure the shaver you choose is water resistant and support wet or dry functions.

For a frequent traveler, it is advisable to consider ease of portability for travel or check if it is equip with international voltage system. Some shaver needs the charging station to carry along and some will just do with the cord attached with the device. Consider the power supply and numbers of shaves it can offer if you don’t want to carry the bulky docking station.

Shaving with an electric razor needs no preparation. Shaver that has quick battery charging system will come to your rescue in times of hurry. When the battery runs down, quick charge system of 3 to 5 minutes allows you to shave effectively. Shavers come with both rechargeable and disposable batteries.

I really like the idea of keeping my shaver hygienic and feel like new every time I pick up my shaver in the morning. You can opt for shavers with Self cleaning system. Features like LED display function that let you know the health of the battery is another important feature.

Most shavers come with a 30 day trial period. You have ample time to determine the shavers that suit your skin and requirements.

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